Hello, I'm trading 42 million gold for an AQWorlds account. Keep this in mind, I will only trade if we use a middleman, because I don't wanna be scammed.
Here's proof [IMG=https://img801.imageshack.us/img801/4391/40yu.png][/IMG]

Also DO NOT POST YOUR CHARACTER PAGE! If you do I'm not gonna trade, because that's a big risk of getting banned from AE.

Message me on Skype : Picz3l

I'm looking for an account with Dage/Nulgath war rares. Or maybe first generation Nulgath rares, like Void of Nulgath, Dual Primal Dread Saws, ect.

Also 42 million gold is worth $18-20 dollars, so no low ball offers. And remember I'll only trade with a trusted middle man.