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    I will NOT add you to do trades with you. Always ask me to send you a PM/VM when you add me on Skype.
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    READ BEFORE POSTING AQW Selling / Trading / Buying Rules

    This section is only for Selling / Trading / Buying AQW accounts, nothing else.

    • No begging/asking for free accounts in this section.
    • No selling of software in this section.
    • If you're selling/trading an account, you need to have proof that you actually own it by taking in game screen shots of the account.
    • You must have a Transaction ID if your going to sell / trade accounts.
    • Make sure you use a MM when trading / selling / buying accounts, normal members cannot always be trusted.
    • Only post if you're interested in buying*
    • Selling private server items isn't allowed here. It may result in a ban.

    You can find the official MM here:




    *Accusing another member of scamming without evidence to support your claim is against the rules. If you have NO PROOF then you DO NOT accuse. The only place where people are to be accused is the SCAMMERS GRAVE. If you do it any other place but there you will be INFRACTED OR BANNED.

    - MPGH AQW Staff

    Credits goes to @Hannibal
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