Selling an account with
-Chunin (Rare)
-Evolved Leprechaun (Seasonal Rare)
-Essence of The Undead Legend (Rare)
-Totem of Nulgath x1
-Infector Deorum (Rare)
-Dark Runic Claymore (Rare)
-Destiny Armor Set (Birthday Rare Set)
-A few more rare stuff in inventory

-7 Weapons in bank
-4 Armors in bank
-2 Helmets in bank

Rank 10 Sandsea
Rank 10 Arcangrove
Rank 10 Doomwood
Rank 10 Chronospan

Extra information:
Level 48
245k Gold

Contact me on skype at troyissexay and I'll give you char page if you're interested.