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    Level 60 account, HC Paragon, AC Treasure items.

    Selling my account. Has 5 legion sets. Titan, Exalted Champion, Evo DC, Evo Blademaster, and Legion Dreadmarch.
    Classes are:

    +Warrior (Rare)
    +Evo Leppy

    This means you can also buy the 2 Shaman classes.

    Sorry about approval, Click below for the Classes and Rep.,MFymtpV
    Here is char page

    Over 60 items in bank, various rares and treasure chest items. Including Legion Dreadmarch, Legion EDC armor, Exa. Champ., and much, much more! Ask for pictures if u want.
    Skype: jaliuswelch
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    ACCTREP copy.jpg  

    ACCT sale copy.jpg  

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