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    Selling a brand new Member LVL:10 Acc (mem with some rares)

    I have recently created a brand new account so i could receive a few extra perks from being a member and having a fair amount of Ac's, but i j=had just found out that i had wasted this money since on my lvl 60 account i had access to them from being a member and having so many ac's before, so i had decided to try and get back the money i had lost/wasted.

    i do not know how much so i will let u come up with offers :3

    Level: 10
    Gender: Female
    Class: Dark Legendary Hero
    Class Level: 2
    Gold: 91,645
    AC's: 165

    Dark Legend Sword
    Doom Phoenix Blade +5
    Draconic Fury
    Underworld dagger of courage
    Staff of Shattering

    Legendary Hero lvl 1
    Dark Legendary Hero lvl 2
    Rogue/Thief lvl 1

    Chaos Mountain Breaker
    Dark Legend Armour
    Dragon Hero Armour
    Infernal Warrior
    Shadow Warlock
    Undead Warrior
    Void Beastmaster of Nulgath

    Void Beastmaster of Nulgath Helm
    Dark Legend Helm
    Dragon Hero's Helm
    Forsaken Shadow Gowl

    Void Beastmaster of Nulgath Cape
    Cloak and Sword
    Spires of Power Cloak (part of forsaken warlock set)
    Wings of Ciriatto
    Tentacles of the Doom Overlord

    Battle Wyvern
    Yellow Doom Moglin (non-member)

    This account is member and has around 2 months and 2 weeks left from this day that i post it :3

    If u are interested in buying this account then talk to me in the comments or on skype
    Skype: mine_master99
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