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    aqworlds account with lots of rares and rep classes to trade in 60

    account to trade with other account
    account had 2 millon gold
    and 90 ac
    and had
    1- darkblood stormking
    2- necromancer
    3- chaos slayer
    4- troll spellmith
    5- battle mage
    6- you can get shman but frist need to be rank 10 becouse iam rank 9 (26k)
    and had rare armors see in char page (account named ahmed5008600)
    and had lots of armors in bank its 18 acs armors
    and 13 helm (ac)
    and 10 sword (ac)
    and 1 pet (AC)
    i will trade with any account had alpha dommmaga or had lots of ac or member account or free account but has good items (+50)
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