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    Talking Selling my Main AQW account!

    Hey I'm selling my main account. $40--> Paypal.
    Been created in 2009 (no badges unfortunately but house item is from 09.
    Evo Paragon Plate.
    Legion Titan full set.
    Tons of rares in the bank.
    Rare Classes.
    If you buy the account in 24hrs I will add my secondary account with Darksider Class for free.
    Message me on skype if you're interested: minininjav01
    If I don't reply straight away it means i'm in school and i'll get back to you when I get home. Thanks!
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    bank armor1.png  

    bank armor2.png  

    bank armor3.png  

    Bank Boosts.png  

    bank helm1.png  

    bank helm2.png  

    bank pets1.png  

    bank wep 1.png  

    bank wep 2.png  

    bank weps 3.png  

    char pg2.png  

    Char pg1.png  

    Acc proof..png  

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