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    Important Rule About Adventure Quest Worlds Trading

    Apparently, AE will now disable accounts for the 2 following reasons:
    1. The email address does not match the original signup/creation email address, buyer email address and/or the current email address.
    2. The IP address (current location) does not match the current, original signup/creation and/or buyer IP address.
    So selling accounts becomes harder, because giving the username and password only still means that AE can disable the account.

    So, when selling AQW Accounts, the following data has to be provided:

    - The date of birth (NOT when the account was created).
    - The exact location where the account was created from (city/state or province/country).
    - The name of the original signup email.
    - Transaction ID numbers/buyer emails/buyer names for any payments.

    So, even if the AQW account gets disabled, you can contact them here and get it back.
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