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    AQW 7 Year Old LVL 48 ACC VoT, Chunin, plus heaps more. Nulgath and Dage + Bank pet

    ** Will post screenshots and links on request. **

    This is a brilliant over 7 years old account, has over 3500 hours played meaning tonnes of rares and heaps of farming done. Has over $300 spent on AC's and the bank is chocka block of items. An original account with 30 Inventory spaces. Can access Nulgath and is Rank 10 Evil. Selling only because I can't play the game anymore. Am really sad to see the account go, message me on this or add me on skype Alok.Dhondt from Motueka New Zealand to organise payment. Thanks :3 Have a read of what you get if you do buy this account below!

    Level: 48
    Gold 2,512,184
    AC's: 1,237

    Classes: Chunin, Vindictator of They, NecroMancer, Elemental DracoMancer, Evolved Leprochaun, Pyromancer, Troll Spellsmith,

    Important Items!: -> Treasure Map (allows access to Treasure chest that updates with new loot all the time,
    -> Undead Warrior (allows access to Dage the Evil Gear and Quests)
    -> Ascended Paragon Pet (Unlocks 4 Dage the Evil Token farming quests.)
    -> Prime BloodLetter of Nulgath (Unlocks Let the Blood FLow Quest)
    -> 2013 Spring Token (Unlocked Super rare Items that are no longer available!)
    -> Essence of Undead Legend Token (Used to Make Undead Legend Armor)
    -> Twilly Bank Pet! (Allows instant access to your bank whenever and where ever!)
    -> Warp Necromancer Set, No longer available super rare gear!
    -> Blood Titan Token (used to make the blood titan class)


    Bright Blade
    Ceremonial Legion Blade
    Consciousness Blade of Nulgath
    Curse of the Legion
    Doom Ophidian Blade
    DragonFire Katana
    Hebi Twintana
    Kindred SpiritHunter
    Lightning Slasher
    Prime BloodLetter of Nulgath
    Sword of Hope
    Terror of the Undead
    Dual BrightBlades
    Dual Flaming Katanas
    Dual Lightning Slashers
    Dual Paladinium Beams
    Personater's Dagger
    Warp Necromancers Blade
    Sir Valence's Longshot
    Slasher of the Undead
    DOOMing Fork
    Dragon Fang Staff
    Rainbow Scythe
    Soul Spear
    Champion Snowboard
    Unholy Scythe of Despair
    Golden Arm Blades
    Undead Assassin Swords
    Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath
    Abyssal Priest of Nulgath
    Ascended DarkCaster
    Battle Sassafras 12
    Blood Terror
    BrightBlade Warrior
    Champion Snowboarder
    Champions of the Rainbow Armor
    Cute Santa 12
    DarkCaster Evolution
    Destiny Armor of Light
    DragonClaw Guard
    Hybrid Manticore
    Interfector Deorum
    Kezeroths Armor 12
    Mad Doctor
    Nameless Warrior
    Royal Dragon Armor
    Royal Dragoon
    Shadow Commander
    ShadowSlasher Warrior
    ShadowSlicer Rogue
    Sir Valence's Armor
    Solar Protector
    ThunderBolt Striker
    Undead Warrior
    Warp Necromancer Armor
    Legacy of Nulgath
    Legion SkullSeeker
    Shadow Lich
    Undead Champion
    Warden of Light
    Worshiper of Nulgath

    Anonymous Drone
    Ascended DarkCaster Horns
    BrightBlade Helm
    Champion Snowboarder Goggles
    Champions of the Rainbow Helm
    Classy SkullSeeker
    Chunin Shadow Sedge
    Dark Helm of Grief
    Dragon Priest
    Dragoons Armet
    Elf Hat
    Elven ShadowSlicer Helm
    Evolved DarkCaster FauxHawk
    Glacial Destroyer Halo
    Hood of the Fallen
    Horn of the DragonClaw
    Kezeroth's Helm 12
    Kezeroth's Shattered Helm 12
    Legion Neko Waif-er
    Mad Surgeon's Mask
    OathKeeper Shroud
    Pyromancer Evolution Helm
    Reindeer Beanie 12
    Reindeer Shag with Nose 12
    ShadowSlasher Helm
    ShadowSlicer Helm
    Short Cute Santa's Hat 12
    Sir Valence's Armet
    Solar Protector Beak
    ThunderHorn Helm
    Vampire Locks 12
    Warp Necromancer Helm
    Legacy of Nulgath Helm
    Tom Cat Neko's Hair

    Aura of the Ascended
    Balloon Reindeer Buddy
    Bunny on your Back 12
    BrightBlade Shoulder Cloth
    Colour Custom Shield Wings
    Courtly Cape
    DarkCaster Arcanist Ring
    Dragons Tooth Shield
    Dragoons Sheathed Blades
    Electric Storm Cape
    Frozen Back Blades 12
    Golden Moglin on your Back 12
    Kezeroths Cape 12
    LigthCaster Runic Cape
    Legacy Cape of Nulgath
    OathKeeper Mantle
    OathKeeper Spirit Hunter Sheath
    Rainbow Ring Cape
    Sanctified Wings
    Shadow Duplicate
    Sir Valence's Cloak
    Solar Protector Wings
    Warp Necromancer Cape
    Winged Stinger

    Twilly Bank Pet!
    Ascended Paragon Pet
    Legion Flying Skull V2
    AQ Destiny Trobble Pet
    Giant Hungry Werewolf
    Sir Liest

    2013 Spring Token
    Blood Titan Token
    Fortune Potion
    Friend Gem
    Treasure Map
    Essence of Undead Legend
    Legion Token x89
    Mystic Parchment x2
    Mystic Shards
    Psyche x6
    Rune of Chaos Enchantment x2
    Class Boost
    Doom XP Boost
    Reputation Boost x2
    XP Boost
    EpicDeul Destiny PVP Medal +1000 (Highest Non-Member PVP medal in game)

    Thanks for Reading! :3 Hit me up if you want to see screenshots and links ect.

    Enjoy your day!

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    Please post proof.

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