still in progress,will be updated along with future game engine changes during beta

Hello Forumite,in this guide you will learn everything you need to start PVP'ing and PVE'ing in oversoul!

Let's start with a simple match.

Both i and my opponent start with the same ammount of healt,i start with some points on neutral and some points on darkness (my element)

Now i am chargin Shadow Elements,you can see the charging animation on my sword

Now i use some points of my darkness power to put a attack card int he queue

I click "end turn" and i start attacking,you can see how i am charging the enemy and my energy is changing.

After attacking,there is a hole in my cards,that's the card that i just used,if i click that empty spot a new card will be drawn and replace that spot.My Energy will be also charged.

With all this stored Energy,now i can make a super attack.The Max energy is 20,so if you are waiting for a perfect chance to attack do it with 20 energy points,if you wait more you will be just wasting energy.

Now,after the super attack,i have 5 shield points from my shield card,the enemy is "poisoned" and his healt is lower

Now am drawing more cards,i burned all my cards in the last turn to make the draw phase more effective.

I finally defeated my enemy,with the combined power of the last 3 cards.The secret is not in the luck,the secret is coordinating the draw phase and the discard phase to store energy and release it on the appropiate moment,this is extremely useful while using vampire lord because vampire lord has skills that take more energy.

I get a level-based XP and gold reward

Now i see the option of possesing a character,i will try to do it but i normally wont,as i already have this character possesed

Now i get a Error Message,because i already have this character.

This is how you win a battle in oversoul :O