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    Getting offline multiplayer offsets using Redacted's console.

    I was wondering if anyone knows the command(s) to get offsets to make an aimbot for MP offline with bots. More specifically the writable viewangles are what I need, but it would also be nice to be able to check if my other addresses are correct. I've used cheat engine to try and find the pitch. All I have found that is writable is 0x2CA8C5BC, which makes my aimbot go all wonky as I think they're the RefDef angles. Checking with cheat engine shows the values don't stop after 90, 180, 360, degrees etc. Setting them to 0 and 0 after five minutes of play also gives me a different viewpoint than what it does right when the match starts. Now, I've tried "List CMD" in the console and unfortunately the resulting commands I've tried don't seem to have any effect. I assume this is due to missing arguments, which I have no idea about how to find and Google has been less than forgiving with me lately. So after hours of combing though Google and many forums I am getting kind of desperate. If anyone can help me figure out Redacted's MP console, I would be mucho happy!
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