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    Howdo all,

    As many are aware there has been alot of problems with Nvidia Graphics cards and there drivers. (500 series)

    I my self have been experiencing a Kernel error at random whilst playing the game in MP/ZM/Story modes.

    I currently have a NVIDIA MSI GeForce GTX 580 Twin Frozr II, which i have been experiencing the problem,I have tried a number of diffrent Methods and things to try and fix or even aid the problem.

    Now there is one thing i have tried which so far has led to the absence of error's and crashing which seem's to have done the trick so far so good ( touch wood ).

    These are the steps i took.

    - First you will need a program called MSI Afterburner
    ( you may already have this as the software most proberly would have came with your graphics card)if you dont have this google is your freind.

    -Secondly Run Msi Afterburner, Now Adjust your Core Clock (MHz) speed.( check to see if it is linked with your Shader Clock (MHz) speed this will automaticly sync the two)

    Now you are going to want to Adjust your Speed down to 700 MHz This seem's to be working for most of the 500 series, if the seems to be problems with the smoothness of the game or game play, try adjusting it between 700 Mhz - 725 MHz,this is the most reliable range to try.

    Adjustments may variy depending on your current settings.

    As mentioned, Voltage adjustments do work, only try adjusting Voltage by 25v - 50v.

    Always remember to apply the changes.

    I hope this helps you as it did me.

    Go Check my post out at Steam forums.

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