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    Unhappy Requesting some help with changing difficulty mid-campaign

    First of all, I know this is a multiplayer game hacking forum, but perhaps someone could help me out here despite my problem being in singleplayer.

    Basically, I have played every CoD from the very start on the 'Hardened' difficulty (Veteran is too hardcore for me :P). I complete the campaign on this difficulty, perhaps replay a favourite mission, and then I'm done with the game and I do not touch it or the multiplayer at all, again.

    Okay, on to BO2. I have played through about 7 or 8 missions in BO2 and stumbled upon a problem. My display driver crashed, the screen froze and while it was frozen (game mechanics still working but without the screen updating) I attempted to blind-open the ESC menu and save & exit the game at the current checkpoint (to avoid replaying the level all over again when I restart the game - no way to unfreeze it). But, in my blind guessing and mumbling with the up/down and enter keys on the invisible menu, I apparently managed to set the difficulty to 'Novice' (via 'Lower the difficulty' option), then successfully saved the game and messed up my save game file completely. Now all enemies go down at the first shot and the game is ridiculously easy.

    Now, if this were one of the older CoD games (happened to me before), you'd just restart your current mission from the menu, choose the correct difficulty and go on from there to the end of the game. But no, this game features branching storylines apparently, so you can only replay a single mission at a different difficulty level, but not the whole story campaign, which is stuck at your chosen difficulty (which you can only lower). You can rewind the campaign, but the difficulty remains. Great.

    Since I'm a lazy person and I will not replay the whole story again, I would like to ask if anybody has an idea, how to either a) modify the save game to a different difficulty, or b) modify a memory address to change the difficulty in-game. But I have very little experience in these matters, I have only examined the save game in a hex editor and found nothing.

    If you can help readily, thanks, if not, don't bother and waste your time on something more meaningful. Thanks!

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    The only solution is see is to modify the save game files, and those are encrypted and not possible to modify unless someone makes a program for it.

    You should just play the missions again.

    I completed the campaign twice once on regular, once on veteran when I knew the missions before the game was released. I got my copy 5 days early. I took me less than 24 hours (real time, not playtime) to complete the campaign, it's not that hard.

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