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    Black ops 2 crosshairs removal help


    I, like many, would like to enjoy the single player campaign in BO2.
    However I would like to do this without those big crosshairs on my screen so I have been looking for a way to disable them.
    I managed to do that in MW2 using the console and there was an option in MW1. BO was a bit harder but I managed using a third party widescreen fixer that allowed for crosshairs removal.

    Now for BO2 I couldn't find anything. So I kept on searching and lurked on mpgh, hoping to learn how to do that.
    So far I managed to learn how to use OllyDbg to get adresses (cg_drawcrosshairs or its equivalent) and I completed the basic tutorials for cheat engine.

    So far I've been unable to remove the crosshairs as I don't understand how to set a cvar from "1" to "0", entering the address I get in OllyDbg in Cheat Engine just gives me a value (144 for exemple and setting it to 0 or anything else has absolutely no impact on the game).

    Could someone provide me with a tested tutorial on how to disable those damned crosshairs in BO2 single player campaign?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    Edit: As I saw how many "teach me how to hack this game threads there were on the forums"... I understand that programming and editing programs takes a lot of time to learn and I do not ask for a complete course in reverse engineering, which would be far beyond my grasp. I merely hope that somebody can take the time to explain to me how to do this one thing on this one particular game using the basic tools I tried to learn. I'm not here to annoy people
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