Hey guys,

I was trying to change some stuff in black ops 2 zombies and then I acidently changed my co-op traveled miles and co-op opened doors to

something reallly strange ( negative) LOL?? and then my rank that was the 4th at the following picture ( the skull with blue eyes) became the first one ( the bone )


and I can't change this myself because for some reason my cheat engine closed and then I can't re-scan the values because... well it's to huge and strange...

What I need to resolve this problem:

I need that someone enter cheatengine and found this Address to me.

It's pretty simple , all you have to do is scan your's co-op traveled miles and co-op opened doors with your cheat engine then you just walk and then re-scan it , keep doing this until you find out a low quantity of addreasses. Same to doors opened in co-op you just need to scan it and then open a door and re-scan it...

Obs: Co-op means public matches... to see ur co-op stuff just use the right arrow at the menu ( where you choose public match, solo play etc..)

Example: You traveled 200 miles in co-op then you scan it with cheat engine, it will show you many values, go to a public match walk something and then when u come back you wil lfound out that u traveled 210 miles...

Please help me!