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Guaranteed VAC won't unban a single player regardless of reason!!!!! i was banned from MW3 cause I downloaded an external dot to avoid a piece of tape and magic marker dot on my 27" screen.....I made new steam and waited for the next piece of shit they produced..

They did''t randomly scan and ban u, you had to have been reported multiple times to implement an investigative search on your account which means you were deliberate enough to have fellow gamers take the time to report you..........i don't speak for anyone but myself and don't want to turn this into a spam or troll but these good folks who make these cheats aren't making them for you to go into game and ruin the game for everyone else then turn and ask "Why did I get banned" and then think you can fight it and win.......sorry my friend, i'm not attacking you just the people who do this..
Depends if you sent a ticket regarding your ban.