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    BO2 F.A.Q.

    Q:Can you make an aimbot or wallhack please ?
    A:No, TAC detects both of them really fast, and it's a guaranteed ban after a few days or even hours.

    Q:Can I play BO2 for free ?
    A:Yes, you can, using 4D1/OP2 client.

    Q:I'm VAC banned, can I play again ?
    A:No, you can't. VAC bans are permanent.

    Q:Can I get free DLC's for BO2 ?
    A:No, for Steam version you can't, you can get them for free for OP2/Redacted version.

    Q:I want extract BO2 sound files, what program should I use ?
    A:Master's BO2 Audio Dumper, clicky.

    Q:Error 57475 : Server Disconnected appears when I join lobby, how can I fix it?
    A:Using this, clicky.

    Q:Can I change my Prestige/XP/Level?
    A:No, you can't.

    Q:Can I activate my game using russian key?
    A:Yes, you can, but you will only be able to play with Russian players & will get kicked a lot.

    Q:Can I translate my game from Polish to English without downloading big files ?
    A:Yes, you can, using BO2 Polish-->English translator, clicky.

    Q:I'm banned, can I play with bots in Private match?
    A:No, you can't.
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