Hello guys,

everyone of u know that at the start of Black Ops 2 on PC you could change your Name with colores like MW2.
The codes are like "^^1", "^^2", .....

But they take this out.

In my Friend list there are two guys how use a hack with colored name. I asked them how they do that. One of them said he has his own hack with a Prestige Spoofer the only thing is in Lobbys his name is Red and when the game starts his name and PRestige is normal like in his Combat carrer (White name and PRestigemaster). He said he use Hex codes and change his name with a programe wich chane the Steam ID in Black Ops 2 so he didn't get banned. He use it for 9 Month.

Sorry for my bad English but i am from Austria(Europ)

I hope u cane help me and tell me wich colore codes he use and if i have to use a program or i can change my nime in Steam like in MW2.

- koeseb