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    Post I need advice on how to play Call Of Duty after being Vac Banned!

    Hello, I after a very long time of playing finally received a Vac Ban late last night...and yeah it's effected me badly lol i guess i've truly leaned my's a shame as i am an amazing COD Zombies player and have no need to use cheats but i wanted to try for fun last night and used a trainer on town survival with a friend funnily enough he didn't get banned but i did

    anyways whenever i start the game and hit "play" i get the message reading i have a vac ban and can't play the question i have is what does everyone do after this happens as i experienced last night i wasn't able to play MP or zombies regardless if it was in Solo play or bits etc,

    Will rebuying the game on the same steam account work or is there like a workaround like how file sharers use to play there copies via methods like different servers or offline play?

    I badly need advice on this as i have never been banned in my life and with the amount money i've spend on steam its scary how awful Steam is as a service when our games are truly gone forever especially for a game that has solo play and i cant even get access to playing Zombies

    I know theres programs hackers and pirates will use to play all together like titanfall has but is there anything i can do so i can continue to play call of duty black ops 2 mp or zombies?

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    I'm reading about something called "4d1" is this like a program hackers and pirates use to freely play with each other off of team hence zero no drm etc?

    I really want to keep playing COD Black ops 2 and Zombies is my favorite game ever! id even rebuy it if it meant i can play it on my same account.

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    You will have to re-buy the game. Or if you want to play Zombies without having to buy the game, torrent the NoSteam version of the game.
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