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    Cool Making my own hack? Any Tips?

    Alright so About a year ago i signed up for this online coding website which would teach you can and I learned html and a little bit of java and then just gradually quit. Now, i would love to make a hack/program for black ops II zombies. I have no knowledge of what im even coding in (im pretty sure its C++).

    So with no knowledge, I would love some help. Here are some of my questions:

    What programming language will I be coding in?

    Any Applications that you would recommend? (Im on Windows 7 64 bit)

    Besides the programming, is coding a GUI easy? Should I hire someone to do it for me? (Im trying to not spend anything but if I have to)

    About how long does it take to code a simple Zombie hack? (Features including: No Recoil, Money Hack, and God mode)

    Would anyone be interested in helping me?

    These are just a few simple questions that im hoping anyone would answer. I do have a skype but I do not have the application on my computer ( i can install it) and I also do not remember my skype name. If you would need to contact me, just comment your skype. Thanks for the help!


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    If you just wanna create a trainer with a cool design use VB.Net, the best beginner language.
    For something like aimbot or hacks that gotta work faster etc better code in C++.
    Without knowledge you can't code a hack because you dont know what you're even doing.

    If you got for example VB.Net knowledge it should take up to 5-10 minutes to create the hack if you got the correct offsets ^^

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    Basically in a nutshell, the 2 more commonly used programming languages for making tools/trainers/hackers are C# and C++:

    * C# comes with WinForms which allows you to create a GUI in a really simple way that anyone can do it (basically WinForms has a toolbox with all the objects you can insert into a form like buttons or textboxes, etc. A form is a window. A program can have as many forms / windows as you'd like). So for instance, if you drag a button from the toolbox to the form, all the information specified about the button (name of the button, location of the button in the form, etc) will be automatically transformed into C# code by the IDE you're using (IDE is the program you use to program! Visual Studio is the most used one).

    * C++ isn't as easy as C# when it comes to designing GUI's. In C++, you have to write all the code yourself. (I suggest you start with C# as your first programming language because it's really easy. Both languages use a fairly similar syntax so it should be easy to move onto C++ after learning C#).

    Now onto the hacking-related stuff:

    Any game's memory stores all the values to things like ammo, health, money, etc in a specific location/address in the memory. You can use Cheat Engine to scan the game's memory for those values (let's suppose you have 13 of ammo, you open Cheat Engine and attach it to the game's process, you scan the memory for 13. Then, when you shoot a bullet, the ammo amount that is somewhere in the memory of the game has decremented by 1, so now it's 12. You scan for 12 now. And then you repeat this process over and over again until you find the right memory location/address that corresponds to the ammo amount).With that memory address, you can now change the current amount of ammo with Cheat Engine to 9999 and it will work.

    There should be lots of tutorials around YouTube or even MPGH explaining how to then make your own C# hack/trainer/tool using the addresses you found with Cheat Engine.
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    Comes down to personal preference. I prefer C# over anything because of it's syntax and it's simplicity compared to what you can actually do with it. Other's prefer C++ or VB.NET (*ech*). C# would be best for this.

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