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    -Crosshair- Need help with the Crosshair Hack im making

    Hey, i know this is the wrong place for this but its most likely gonna get more views so anyway cut to the chase
    im making a Crosshair Hack in C# its not External or anything its made in a different way that some people most likely would not know of but
    here is a Screenshot of what seems to be the problem

    Ok so here its taking up the screen witch is good right? well yes but no the NO side about it is that it must be Transparent in order for you to see your backround ill give you the Project Files so you stuff around with it and if you find out whats wrong -DO NOT PUBLISH IT-
    send me a PM on what is wrong well i mean yeah sure take the code but make your own Design

    Ok so here you can see it takes up the whole screen yeah? well i want it to be transparent in order for you too see your desktop and click i know its possible as i have done it before

    BTW The Download has no viruses -.- ill even put up a Jotti Scan
    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files
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