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    Quote Originally Posted by failnoobgamer View Post
    Problem is, you need to hook to BlackShot. And use its own engine to create it. Good luck finding an undetected one. TeamESP is still possible. @<a href="" target="_blank">Caezer99</a> has already got it work so you can damage the enemy while TeamESP is on. You don't only need "Player Bases".. How are you gonna draw them onto the game if you can't even hook. There are modules that you can use in game to hook and draw on it. For example, a simple way would be to start in CS:GO. Valve's source engine is open source unlike BlackShot's engine which many people do not know about. @<a href="" target="_blank">Caezer99</a> utilizes BlackShot's engine to do functions such as teleport etc. One place you can start of is watching Fleep's Tutorials/Guided Hacking.

    You should also try to understand some basic C++ knowledge and learn how the functions work. Its simply not just copy pasting into Visual Studio. You can watch Fleep's tutorial on basics of creating a DLL. That is the best way to start off. For TeamESP, use cheat engine and scan 0 and 1 for teams. 0 = Red . 1 = Blue . Find the correct ones and you should be fine. The other address is player pointer. If you don't even understand what the function is doing, you won't progress much.

    Some links to videos you can learn from:
    You can also check out Minerva's post of GG Bypass source code.
    Hahahaha thats the game that I've find the source code for just for training purposes xD
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    Been over a week since last update/bump, assuming solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liz View Post
    This is my first vouch, ever. Rapidgator account worked perfectly. Would buy in the future.
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