Hi viewers ... ... 1st question ... so i thought that i just want to use some/few weapons to hack for the rapidfire ... i did manage to use the rapidfire hack but i thought i dont need so many weapons to have the hack ... so will the hack still work if i take some that i want from the hack files and carry out the method ... ???

*2nd related question* ... so i also have the file to mod the cross hair of the awp ... and if im not wrong, you also need to use the rapidfire method ... ok i want carry out the hack successfully in a faster way so what if i use the cross hair mod and the rapidfire hacked files at the same time during the method ... will both the hacks work ??? ... if you know what i mean

*3rd related question* ... so i have only done the rapidfire hack once when i played and when i closed blackshot i havent open again so far ... so if the method/hack on the *2nd question worked* ... will it like stay permanent everytime i re-open blackshot .... or do i have to keep carrying out the method ... ???

So ya ... these are just my thoughts/doubts ... coz i dont wanna keep trying but actually it doesnt work ... so pls try to answer my questions in a simple understandable way (if so) ... ... so thx anyway in advanced .... XD