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    ♣How to correctly ask for help♣


    When you are going to post a thread, obviously everyone who are in this section will first look at the title, and see if they are able to help you or not.
    So name it with something descriptive and related to your problem, you can even put the error's name/code, that's the enough to clarify your problem to us.

    How you should do it:

    How you shouldn't do it:

    Post Content

    There are certain things about you all should already know when you post a thread here. Then make sure your post:

    • Has been written in decent English;
    • Described it as much you can and have some sense;
    • Don't mess up with emotes/BBCode;
    • Tell your computer specifications (if necessary);
    • Provide screenshots or video proofs for any performance/errors problems;
    • Share your tries and failures with us before you post.
    • Leave feedback wether we solve Your problem or not

    How you should do it:

    How you shouldn't do it:

    Solving and closing

    If we have successfully solved your problem, then make sure you have posted about it in your thread, facilitating our work and keeping the section organized. If haven't, post in your thread giving more detail to us, don't just leave it or else we will close it and mark it as solved, having your problem solved or not.
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