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    Post Help Please C0D3RIN

    Hi sir, I would like to ask for help regards in hacking because i kept on hacking other FPS games like WarRock,Gunz,A.V.A,Point Blank, and etc.
    and so far this is the only game where i cant hack.. I THINK i injected successfully,cuz it shows Popups and it said in PerX(the same injector i used in other games) that the DLL file has been successfully injected... so im still wondering why does others are able to hack while i cant so i need expert help T_T for example your D3D Color Chams (I posted some comments about the help also) it successfully injected but when it enters the game i pressed EVERY single button i could press here in my keyboard nothing is happening i even tried to follow your steps but still nothings happening. Even Backd00r's hack *Chams/Wallhack* theres pop-up injected successfully (opened through garena) but after the Gameshield whatever thing.. there is a White screen after 3 - 5 seconds it closes and then opens a Internet Explorer then closed it and thats it... Sorry for the Long Essay T_T..

    Things I Tried:
    1. Different Injectors
    2. Different DLL
    3. Downloaded NET Framework 4.5.1
    4. Tried in Garena BS (Success Injection)
    5. Tried in Blackshot Launcher (Failed Injection)

    About me:
    Im 15 years old 2nd year hi school T_T again im sorry im just a kid.. though i can follow instructions..
    Wanting to be a Coder/Hacker 1 day still Self-Learning and so far im 10% in progress i think..
    Release my OWN public/private hack so mostly like you guyz..
    To join the Coders Family!! (where brothers hack together)
    I have dreams pls dont crush it..

    Respects for Coderz!!~!~!
    More power to MPGH~!~!~!

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