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    Guide - Blackshot (possible) Cheats & Related features

    Guide - Blackshot (possible) Cheats & Related features

    I made this guide (regarding the Blackshot (possible) cheats & related features) as there were & is a lot of members requesting for help regarding this matter and also because I think this guide might be useful & helpful for all of us. Hope this guide helps you guys understand more regarding the cheats features.
    Blackshot Cheats & Related features - Guide


    • Activated: Clicking on it means Aimbot will be ENABLED, and the hack will automatically move your crosshair onto an enemy.

    • Only Enemies: Aimbot will only move crosshair onto enemies.

    • Only Visible: Aimbot will only move crosshair onto enemies, that is NOT blocked by an object - (wall, glass, obstacle).

    • Auto Shoot: Hack will automatically fire, when crosshair is onto an enemy.

    • Spawn Protection: Aimbot will NOT move crosshair onto an enemy that had just re-spawned and is invulnerable.

    • Limit FoV: Aimbot will only move your crosshair onto enemy within the selected angle.

    • Human Aim: Instead of instantly moving your crosshair onto an enemy, it glides along, (the higher the value, the faster the aim).

    • Aim Type:
      Crosshair - Aimbot will select a target based on position from crosshair, (nearest first).
      Distance - Aimbot will select a target based on distance from you - (nearest first).

    • Bone Selection: Area of body parts in which you want aimbot to move crosshair onto, (head, neck, torso, nuts, knees, feets).


    • Chams: Enabling it will completely cover enemies with the colour you had selected. The colour can also be seen through objects.

    • Wall Hack: Enabling it will make enemies be seen through objects.

    • Crosshair: Enabling it will draw the crosshair you had selected in the middle of your screen, (does not replace default game crosshair).

    • Hide Hands: Enabling it will remove your character's hand, (does not remove the gun).

    • Hide Teammates: Enabling it will make your teammates invisible to you ONLY, (teammates name tag will still remain).

    • Skin Color Hack: When creating a new character, you can enable this hack to change the skin color of your character to colors not limited by the game, (it is server-sided).

    • Only Enemies: Hack will only draw enemies' location.

    • Visible Check: Enemies changes colour on visible and not visible ( Blocked by objects)

    • Show Spawn Protection: Indicates whether enemies has invulnerability.

    • Name ESP: Shows enemies' name.

    • Health ESP: Shows enemies' health.

    • Distance ESP: Shows enemies' distance from you.

    • Line ESP: Draws a line from you to all enemies.

    • Box ESP: Draws a thin box around the enemies.

    • Radar: Displays a radar on the Top Left hand corner of your screen, that shows positions of enemies relative to the direction you are facing.

    • No Recoil: Constant shooting will not tilt your gun upwards.

    • No Spread: Bullets will only hit the middle of crosshair.

    • Bullet Count: A single shot will produce the number of bullets you had selected.

    • TeleKill: Teleports to enemies and kills them.

    • Rapid Fire: Increases your firing rate to an absurd rate, (the higher the number, the higher the firing rate).

    • Maximum Weapon Range: Increases range of melee weapons.

    • Invisible Mode: Makes you invisible to both teammates and enemies.

    • Speed Hack: Increases your walking speed based on the number you had selected, (the higher the number, the faster the walking speed).

    • Fly Hack: Enables you to fly, (moves to your crosshair).

    • No Damage Feed Back: When an enemy's bullets hit you, you will not twitch.

    • Unlimited Ammo: Moves all your weapons to the melee slot, (change to your desired weapon within the melee slot, and instead of your default melee weapon you will get your desired weapon.)

    • Weapon Hack: Hold the weapon you want to switch with your desired weapon in your hand. Then Select your desired weapon and click on "Switch Weapon". Finally, open your load out and your previous weapon should be changed to your desired weapon, (ONLY WORKS ON P2P SERVERS).

    • Teleport Hack: Enables you to set up a location that you can teleport to. (Settled up location saves for next matches, so if you are playing the same match next. You do not need to set up the locations again.)

    • Show FPS: Displays your FPS (frame per second), on the top left corner of your screen.

    • Force Bone Update: Updates bone data every frame for smoother ESP, correct spawn check and reduce the likelyhood of aimbot failing.

    • Kick Hack: Enables you to kick a player from match lobby without being host.

    • Chat Spam: Spams the ingame' chat.

    • Room Hacks:
    • Playercount - The number of player allowed to join the match.
    • Rounds/ Points - Amount of Rounds/ Points required to win a match.
    • Time (Seconds) - Time the match will end.
    • Difficulty (Bunker defense) - Changes your Bunker defense difficulty, (the higher the value, the harder the mode).

    • Weapon Mastery Hack - Increases the rate of gain of your masteries.
    • God Mode - Sets your HP to 300/500, if the damage of your enemy is not more that the set amount. You will not die.
    • Enemy 1HP - Sets the enemy HP to 1. The enemy still sees their HP at full, but their actual HP is 1.
    • Extend Game Time - Increases the match time.
    • End Game - Instantly ends the current game.


    • Menu Sounds: Enables sounds to be made by the Menu.

    • Move Menu: Allows you to reposition the menu.

    • No Sprites: Disables sprites of the menu.

    • No Lag: Reduces the lag caused by the menu.

    • Save Items & Load Items: Clicking on "Save items" SAVES your CURRENT configuration of the hack. In the next session of Blackshot with your hack active, you can click "Load items" to get your SAVED configuration loaded.
      Side Notes

    • Other Suggestions (regarding Blackshot (possible) cheats & related features) will be kindly accepted.
    • Leave a thanks if I helped you out. @C0D3RIN , @NormenJaydenFBI request for a sticky.
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