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    My new computer build

    Hello guys, today I want to present you my pc build, and ask for advice. I would like to know how good this rig is, and if there are places I could save money or improve, and I would also like to know if all these parts will fit together? This is going to be a gaming pc

    My Build(s):

    Cheaper build - https://ca.************.com/user/This_Is_My_Build/saved...

    Newly updated - https://ca.************.com/user/This_Is_My_Build/saved... Would a GTX 980 Ti Be a worthwhile investement? Or Is it overkill? If I do get it, should I look to get more ram?

    General Question

    Will I need to buy seperate parts to include an hdmi adapter and stuff such as ethernet?

    Any tips on lighting? Having a nice looking pc couldn't hurt?

    How many fans should I get,im thinking 2?!?? Will there be enough air flow?

    How many fps is this capable of in 4k?

    how many times better than an alienware a51 is this ?

    If I'm missing anything please let me know! I am new to this, this is my first build. I put it together on my own, I'm expecting flaws, no one is perfect. Thanks in advance for your help!

    Lastly, Can a mod please fix these links? If not, please remove this thread
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