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    lool this isn't worth it, i could get u so much better system for less, watch linus tech tips, he's good in builds

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    Drop the AMD 9590, as someone mentioned before; AMD at this point in time is geared more towards budget builds, and Intel processors perform far better. (I'm not an Intel fanboy, I use a FX 8350 in my personal rig) Not to mention the 9590 runs EXTREMELY hot. I'd recommend going for a Haswell i7 or Skylake i5. Being that you're posting this on a gaming forum I'm assuming gaming is your top priority here, and the Intel chips will serve you better with their higher single core performance. Even with that crazy liquid CPU cooling you won't be able to pull much if any more from that chip, it's already pushed pretty far.

    Also if you weren't aware of this AMD processors don't actually have 8 physical cores, they feature 4 physical divided into 8 logical cores. So they're essentially "hyper-threaded". (That's why AMD processors can't keep up with current Intel processor performance.)

    As far as GPU's are concerned drop the twin r9 390's and go for either a gtx 980ti or R9 Fury X. Crossfire, as far as it has come, still has quite a number of issues. Such as not every game can take advantage of crossfire-d cards and will only use one of your GPUs. Secondly cards in crossfire often have micro-stuttering issues (you'll essentially be skipping frames and having your game freeze momentarily). More GPU's also create considerably more heat that you need to disperse in order to keep your GPUs from under-clocking themselves during heavy loads. Even with (2x) 8gb cards you still only can use 8gb when their combined, and often the second GPU isn't used to it's full potential.

    Hope this information helps you, have fun building your new PC.
    CPU: AMD Fx8350
    CPU Cooler: Corsair h115i
    Mobo: Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 Rev.4
    Ram: 16gb Corsair Vengeance Pro
    Storage: (2x) Western Digital Caviar Blue 1tb HDD
    (1x) Mushkin Eco 2 240gb SSD
    Video Card: AMD Powercolor R9 390
    Case: NZXT s340
    Power Supply: EVGA GS 650w 80+ Gold PSU
    Operating System: Windows 10

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    get the skylake
    i am building that too
    reduce the gfx... you can upgrade it later

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