If anyone's told you that nothing is impossible I'd like you to give them a ring and tell them fuck you because I've found one. I have a Netgear WNDA3100v2 that I use as a wireless adapter because I didn't ever order a networking card. Because Netgear doesn't support Linux, I've had to install the ndiswrapper which took about an hour. After I rebooted, my Arch build recognized my 3100v2 and was able to scan for available networks around me and connect to them. Getting all excited, I connected to my home network only for it to stop providing Internet about 3 seconds after connecting. Since that happened, I have been able to connect to any network, but once connected I can't actually recover any internet. Have any Linux / Arch users run into this problem before? I've searched absolutely everywhere and tried every possible fix, but I still haven't moved off of square 1 /.