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    HTC Micro USB board replacement issue.

    TLR swapped out charging board on htc one m8, mic keeps shorting out on me.

    Ok so I have a HTC One M8 16gb o2 carrier. The charging board was no longer holding a charge so I decided to replace the Micro USB board on it with a cheap counterfeit board.

    The board lasted a day or 2 and the microphone went on it. Wasn't picking up my voice in calls and crazy static noise when I used the voice recorder or recorded a video.
    So I replaced it with another counterfeit, and the bastard wouldn't charge.

    So thinking it was just faulty shit boards I order a genuine htc one m8 micro USB board. I charged up my phone and I could hear a slight static noise when I first activated the mic, then it would go away and then return every so often. After another 2 days the mic failed again.

    So I tried another board and I thought finally it's working has been working for a full week and this morning I answered a call to my friend and half way through out 3min Convo the mic just died. So I swapped to my speaker phone to finish the call. I tested with voice recorder and again static. It eventually died down but im sure the mic will fail again in the next few days.

    I am a newb when it comes to phone repairs so I have no idea Wtf is going on. I've read on the net that it's due to faulty boards or having the wrong board. I've tried to different boards. Older model with the ground connector on it and the newer one with out the ground connection.

    I personally think the mics a blowing while im charging my phone. But God knows what's wrong.

    If anyone could please help me, or shed some insight on my situation.
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