I am just going to ask you guys a quick, simple question. I have this Acer Aspire One D270 with 1GB of RAM, running Ubuntu. I know this machine is so old and also realized that the performance are getting terribly slow. It is so slow that it can't even run Windows 7 properly. So I switched to Linux about a years ago, which is kinda awesome. But a few weeks ago the machine is getting slower again because of the updates that came from the system and the desktop environment itself. I recently caught myself up having a hard time browsing the Internet and not to mention the "lag" I experienced even when I just writing a code in a single plain text document.

I am not going to throw this little boy away cause it is my first ever machine that I actually bought it myself when I was in high school, back in the year of 2011. I already have a new laptop, but I still have a question to ask : is it worth the upgrade on this old machine and spend some money for expensive RAM just because I want it to revive and get it's performance back? So yeah, I hope you guys can throw me some of your opinions or even suggestions on this. Cheers.