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    Quote Originally Posted by Elokina View Post
    I found i5 but I guess it's possible to change it with an i7 ?
    Changing it? No. That won't be possible at all. The chip is build on the motherboard and cannot be removed. Same with the heatsinks, you cannot remove them without damaging them.

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    @Elokina, if you're gonna use it for home usage and office work. Just get a cheap ass computer. Try this one out.

    If you aint uploading videos and shit and just maining doing bills, browsing youtube and MPGH or filling out shit IDK whatever office/home usage you do. You don't need a strong CPU. You're looking at i5's which really jumps your price, but you state "not gamer" so why you need it? you didn't mention video rendering at all either.
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    The Only Way You Can Have PC Over Console Is If You Can Build A PC With Better Hardware Than The Console At The Same Price, Which You Can't.
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    "I Mean Sure Yeah It Makes Sense, But It's No Damn Lifesaving Medal", Makes Sense That You'd Have A Medal For Being Justifiably Injured, But It's Not The Same As Earning A Medal That Involves Saving Someones Life
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