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    Need help building pc

    Hello, so I'm kind of a dumbass but about a week or 2 ago my gym 960 supposively stopped working or so I thought. Turns out it was my shitty motherboards pci e slot that stopped working. Anyway I bought a new 1060 because I wasn't thinking and I didn't test my older card before I did that. So I have this dilemma, my computer is basically a upgraded version of the gateway dx4860. I had upgraded only the power supply and the graphics card 2 times and that's it. I am on a tight budget since I dont have a lot of money left but I am thinking of building a pc sort of from scratch but idk where to start. I believe that my hard drive, power supple and graphics card can be used again especially since the gtx 1060 has not even been used yet. And also maybe the cd drive but I believe that's it. I am reaching out for help on what are the best parts I should get with the cheapest price I mm just gonna send the person who helped me the most some money because I love gaming on the pc and the day after I got bf1 my computer broke so it's been a struggle 🙁
    Thank you very much

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    What about sell the parts? scramble the cash and buy a new one?
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