Mmkay, so, last saturday, i was browsing around on my dell inspiron 530 that we ordered in january of 2009, and all of a sudden it shut off, so i was like, what the hell, and i turned i back on, and i got to maybe open chrome and it shut off again (forced power down, like if you held the power button) so i thought, eh, might just be too hot, so i let t sit for a while, the next day it was doing the same thing, so i tried booting from the utility partition to do a system test and it wont stay on long enough to do that. I took the side off, cleaned out all of the dust, cleaned the connections, plugged everything back in and still wont do a full boot, whenever i start up, i get a diskette drive 0 seek failed or something to that system error message, which indicates according to dell that the connections are loose or the motherboard is gone, when i hit the power button i get a single extended beep, which if im not mistaken is a diagnostic beep for cmos cache failure, which also indicates a possible motherboard failure, and that would normally lead people to believe that the motherboard is gone up to this point, but i did some more researh, and everyone who is having this problem has enough time to boot up and do a system test from the utility partition or do a system restore, but if im lucky it might boot to the point where the dell dock half loads, then it shuts down. The case fans and the cpu fan all go almost full speed while its on, the connections are all free of dust, once when we went into the boot menu, the hard drive was unavailable for a few seconds, steady amber light from the motherboard, all stock parts on it, etc. Nobody within 20 kilometers is smart enough in my area to figure this out, think you guys can help me? Atm we all use my phone for internet access, so i cant take it with me anywhere, so you can see why im fed up with this.