Have you ever connected a device and not been able to access all of the existing files, folders, or even the entire device because you don't have the administrator/user permissions to do so? Well heres a guide to solve your problems. When you select a drive that you don't have the permissions for you will be greeted with the User Account Control asking for administrator approval.

1. Navigate to My Computer in File Explorer.
2. Right Click the Drive you wish to obtain ownership over and select Properties.
3. Then select the Security tab.
4. Then Click Advanced.

Note: The Security Tab will not show if the HDD that you are trying to access is FAT or FAT32. It must be NTFS. Also, for the Security Tab to be shown in XP you must have Simple File Sharing unchecked in Folder Options, which can be found via Control Panel>Folder Options>View. In XP Home this is enabled by default, so to get a workaround, boot the computer into Safe Mode and log in via the admin account. You should now see the Security Tab.

5. Then Click the Owner tab.
6. Then Click Edit.
7. Once it loads all of the user accounts on your computer, select the user account you wish to make the device administrator (owner), and check off the box for "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects".
8. Once you select it and Click Apply, a pop up notification will appear asking if you wish to make the changes you just made. Select Yes.
9. Be patient as it changes the permissions of all the folders/files on the drive to allow the new user full access to the device.
10. Windows Security will display a message notifying you that the edit is complete, and the new drive is now under a new owner.

Congratulations, you are now finished with taking ownership of your device!