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    Quote Originally Posted by Aborted View Post

    It'll make next to zero difference there too. The average 7200RPM drive has a write speed of about 10mb/s, so it'd be rather difficult to catch up to that. Besides, all of the video captured from FRAPS is loaded straight into RAM until it can be written to disk, which makes it next to literally impossible for your rig to fall behind on write. Even beside that point, write speed has absolutely no correlation to framerate in any possible situation, recording or not. An SSD wouldn't solve even a single one of his issues.

    And yes it's possible a SSD will improve his recording.
    10MB/s is really slow, Like really slow the average is about ~50-75mb/s I have 2 HDD in raid which gives me ~250mb/s when I last checked. And yes your RIG can fall behind on write I have a decent guest PC however It can't record due it's very slow HDD so it will LAGG.

    What I think is his HDD is to slow for recording it will mess up the writing speed and it's get laggy, If you have another HDD laying arround put it in your rig and give it a test. You can also test your write speed with programs people recommand for 1080+ I believe over 100mb/s due it's size it has to write.

    Also might want to check this video out:

    EDIT: Seems like fraps was the issue but doesn't mean the above me stated thing wasn't right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ownedmet View Post
    10MB/s is really slow, Like really slow the average is about ~50-75mb/s
    Made a simple typo, meant 100/s, and it still wouldn't affect anything as long as you have enough RAM. You could literally have a write speed of absolutely zero and not lag at all if you have unused RAM.

    Also, I've done extensive experimenting of my own, and found that Metro 2033( one of the most graphically intensive games of all time), takes up about 45mb per second of lossless capture at 1080p and Max Settings, easily caught by the average hard drive. CS:GO would take far less, making it even easier to successfully capture.
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