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    Need help with building my computer...

    I need a computer to run games like Nether, Arma, and various other demanding games on high settings with no lag. I dont have a very high budget and would like it to be around 850$ at the most but am willing to go up to 900$. I made one using what little knowledge I have over hardware and from some recommendations of close friends. I have a build setup on this site called ************ and I will post the link to the build for you guys to view and change how you see fit. PLEASE ONLY POST IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCED!

    https://************.com/p/3oOF0 <--- The link to my build (replace the * with [pc part picker] no spaces or brackets)

    Other things to keep in mind...
    - My room gets quite hot during the day
    - I know very little about hardware
    - It needs to last (I do take care of my machines)
    - Needs to be in the 850$-900$ or less if possible

    And if anyone can ballpark what an Alienware M14x R2 Generation 1 with a new 500GB Hard drive would be worth. Thanks guys.
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    It looks fine, really it's personal preference.

    The 760 will max out 90% of games, 6300 wont bottleneck, if you play CPU heavy games you might want to look at an intel CPU.
    (More powerful cores > more cores with less power)
    Personally I would get another 8gb of ram, I know people say you dont need it but i'm sitting here with nothing but 5 chrome tabs and steam open, and i'm using 5.8gb of ram.
    I would also bump up the PSU, somthing like

    Just by looking at that build i would have to say that your psu will be slightly stressed, it would run at 85% or more constantly with programs open (in my personal experience) a 600W psu will ease the burden with that, and it's really cheap right now.

    Your case is an amazing choice, if i knew about fractal when i built my pc i would most likely have that case sitting next to me right now.

    Quick edit: What plans do you have for peripherals?

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    Here is a better build

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    Before you build your computer. You need to ask yourself certain questions like:

    What else will I use this computer for besides gaming? Do I use photo-shop? do I do video rendering?
    Will I keep this computer on 24/7?
    How much space hard drive space will I need for all my files and downloads?

    To be honest. I'd suggest you do as MUCH research as you can on computer parts before you build one yourself. Because once you've done your research, you can put together a computer using parts you got from good deals that you see from the various online retailers which sell computer parts. You might even get really good deals from stores nearby your own house. In this day an age, there are heaps of information out there waiting to be read by people like you so that you can make educated decisions and not just a shot in the dart.

    At the end of the day, I am sure there are many people in MPGH that have more than enough knowledge to help you pick out computer parts and help you build yourself a good gaming computer. But nothing compares to the joy of building one yourself after learning how to build one yourself. It took me about a 1 month to get accustomed to the various computer parts that you can mix and match.

    When I built my gaming computer, I felt pretty proud of myself because I choose each individual part and got a pretty good deal on my PSU/ Graphics card.

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