So yeah, went with this because fuck the ti, and also it was only $484. I really, really, really like it and the cooler and heat pipes are just man. The backplate is pretty fantastic. However...The LED is realllyyy annoying. I thought I would enjoy it, since it changes based on current load of GPU. However, the only time it is NOT blue is when I start up a game. BUT, unless it is a fairly new game it will go to yellow most of the time. Now, I liked this card mainly for the fact of it being red/black as I do have pretty much have all black/red in my case. So, I saw that I COULD remove the backplate, and get it to be red all the time with taking some pins out, and then moving the red plugin to the first slot. But, I REALY don't feel like doing that. Does anyone know of a way to have it red constantly, without actually fucking with the card? It's such a piss off. red LED lights in case, red corair sp120s, corsair with the led being red, case is back and red, have LED strips along the desk/monitor, and then there is just a random blue light. omgplsno.

Would have thought with the card manufacturer being Asus, and it being a ROG card at that, they would have allowed you to in a driver update, or their "GPU Tweak".