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    How To Open Your Network Translation Address (NAT)

    So I'm releasing this guide because many people are asking "How do I open my NAT"

    Ok first, here are the walls that can block you form doing this:

    • You don't have Windows 7 or Vista, therefore it won't work.

    • Your computer layout is different therefore you don't know how to navigate the menus.

    Steps to take into consideration before doing this:

    • Turn off your firewall (Start > Search bar > type in "services.msc" > Scroll down until you find Windows Firewall > Right click > Click stop.)

    • Turn off your Anti-Virus. (Figure out how to do it .-.)

    • Close other programs so this process could be a little faster .

    Now, start the process of opening your N.A.T.

    • Locate the "Network" icon on your desktop and open it

    • You should see your router name there somewhere (if you don't then you have to port forward and this won't work for you!)

    • Right click your router name and click properties

    • Now click settings (it will take sometime, be patient and don't click like you have crazy OCD.)

    • Once it fully loads, click on "Add"

    • Name it anything you want (I recommend "Black Ops 2 TCP")

    • Now leave that alone and open up a CMD window

    • In the CMD window type in "ipconfig"

    • Find your LAN card name and type look under it to find "IPv4 Address" and remember that address

    • Go back to that window we had opened earlier and put that address where it says "Name or IP Address"

    • Make sure TCP is chosen

    • In the external port box type in "3074", repeat the same for the internal port

    • Click ok and repeat the process of clicking "Add" again and typing in the same info but this type choose UDP and change the name to
    "Black Ops 2 UDP" if you used my recommendation for the steps above.

    • Click ok and now you're set to play with all your friends!

    If you get the error message "The internet gateway did not accept your changes" make sure you typed in the IP Address right in the text box, make sure the game isn't running or restart your PC and do this and you should be fine, enjoy owning some noobs!

    Me .-.

    Other info:
    Here is a website you can try for port forwarding if this method doesn't work for you. (Find your router, find your version, find your software & it will show you a guide on how to port forward.)

    Some helpful screenshots:

    If I helped you click "Thanks/+Rep"
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    Actually, yea. It is sticky worth. Actually worked for me.


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