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    Cool Looking for Hackers !

    Attention Fellow Hackers,

    Currently Looking For Hackers That Has << VIP, Aim-bot or wall etc... >> If You're Willing To Help Out. Please Leave Your IGN Down !

    Note: Only Hackers Are Allowed !
    • No Lying That You're An Hacker.
    • Must Always Help When We're Losing.
    • Invite More Hackers That Is Very Good < Not Saying They're Good I Meant By Good At Using It > !

    More Details:
    Clan: 4Gaming
    Reason Of Hacking: Nowadays, Hard To Win Other Clan That Is Hacker. So I Need Hacker To Win For Me !
    Rank Allowed: Master Sergent, Sergent Major, 2 Lieutenant, 1 Lieutenant, Captain & Major.
    Rank Not Allowed: Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, General, General Of The Army & Command In Chief.

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