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    PlayOne's Latest Event and their true purpose behind

    Their current update news and announcements make me realized that they had plan since beginning

    We Plan, You Escape

    from playing BlackShot game

    They plan to make us leave the game WTF

    #1 Access Point! More mini luck box most will get Med Kit 2 and Speed Kit+ seems like nice But that actually expecting most of us to buy Extra Gadget Gear so they get $$$

    #2 Raid the Armory they will change the Armory and Weapons from Shop, probably nice BP items will removed or changed to Play Cash and pretty sure some OP guns will be on Cash shop so people can't take it will eventually end up buying them with Play Cash so same thing they get $$$

    #3 Escape Dwane! here is quote from their announcement

    "By now, you are either trying or have gotten lucky with the CheyTac Azure through our Daily Attendance Reward, or picked up something from the BlackShot Store."

    The actual meaning of this is
    "By now you end up wasting at least 750P from Gacha Box SS and got nothing but lucky you claim 7 days CheyTac Azure haha losers"

    Where the daily attendance give CheyTac Azure? and not from Lucky Box for sure. Only either from Gacha or claim it if wasted at least 750P during 27th to 31st May. Pickup something from Blackshot Store. Yes pick up some garbage from that store.

    And this Dwane map aka The Rock map basically they design with the purpose to use CheyTac Azure like sniper site

    So same as earlier 2 events they got $$$

    #4 Freedom Trail

    Nice 30% rebate from recharging play cash but its only between 27th and 31st May. Apart from that Think how much we can get from rebate
    We will get 300P with RM 10. but with that nothing much can buy and to get CheyTac Azure 7 days with minimum requirement will need RM 25.
    It will be good if can spend more then can rebate more for that I think should buy together from one account then send as gift like that can get more P in one account at least that can buy real stuffs. with 306P 612P later left 54P 62P and can buy literally nothing and that rebate 70P is more like wasted

    But forget about how much to spend to get how much Rebate P. The event 27th to 31st May only? What if those people got their salary on 1st of the Month? Most company pay on 1st of every month but usually most company delay 1 or 2 days 7 out of 12 months most of the time.

    So when got money event end then no rebate. Like need to go to pawn shop to buy Play Cash during event time to get 30% rebate.

    And there are more to come but not announced yet they are waiting these event period how much they earn and decide after that. So not announcing yet. They stated discounts on weapons but will announce later.

    So which weapon will have discount may be SAR21, SPAS Woodland, Katana, some shit weapons. Why don't give discount on NX1 guns on Cash shop with discount? Why CheyTac and Omega not discount and put on cash shop? Why NZI Knife not in BP buy with Mastery requirements?
    I guess its predictable, event a bit fun for us lots of funds for them.

    #5 and #6 hope put on hold until Donald J Trump become president of United States.

    Now server maintenance. They already implementing their plan later we need to escape from playing Blackshot

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    Ya wait 4 me to become the president. Nice theory

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    Wow, some dickhead over there at PlayOne

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