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    Valentine Hangover (February GS Rewards) - 1st to 28th February

    Love Hangover?

    February GS rewards have come to your rescue!

    From 1st till 28th February, indulge in our alluring Garena Shell rewards as a treatment to your Valentine Hangover!

    Concoction 1
    Get over with those awful hangovers with our latest Rifle SPAS-12[7 Days], available only to all first time GS Spenders.

    Concoction 2
    Spent 2000 GS and above to receive our exclusive Sniper Rifle M24-H [7 Days] PLUS Additional XP [7 Days] and let those imprinted hearts melt away your bitter hangover!

    Concoction 3
    Bid goodbye to Valentines with our limited edition MPSKPWD-H [7 Days] for all GS Spenders (any amount).

    Please be informed that the rewards would be given away on 7th March (tentative).

    Rolling Out,
    Team Blackshot

    *Promo Period: 1st February to 28th February 2013.
    *GS Rewards will be given away on 7th March, 2013 (tentative).
    *GS Rewards are for GS Purchases, top up won't be counted.
    *Gachapon and Gift purchase/s are counted.
    *Promo mechanics and prizes may change without prior notice.

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