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    Red face [Discussion] BSMANIAC Or Auto-Ban System?

    Greetings MPGH Members!

    Well, i know lots of you wondering how come you guys got banned
    and that hack was patched before right? why did it was un-patched?
    and how come GM can ban lots of people without any investigation.

    these are only my opinion, no offense.

    opinion 1 : FPS

    did you realize there was FPS rate on the top of the hack list?
    FPS usually used for recording right? such as Fraps.

    what do you think if GM's un patch it and they were recording us the whole time?
    then the video was sent directly to GM's.
    they un-patch the hack on purpose to

    opinion 2 : Auto-Ban

    it "may" be the new blackshot system,
    i heard from some people said when the blackshot detected a game hack
    you will get banned the next day.

    well i'm still testing other hacks to my dummy ID/Account,
    i want to see if that account will get banned tomorrow.
    i try with other hacks instead of BSM.
    IF that dummy account didnt get banned means theres no such thing as "auto-ban"
    then it is caused by BSM. lets just wait
    - sorry for bad English
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    your right dude..its the gameguard has done all of it..they just program it when u make something on its blackshot.exe like injecting dll on it. even thou its not a cheat you will be banned...

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