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    Advanced Key Macros and Mouse Macros Recorder


    Ease of use
    Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder is intuitive and a breeze to use. Tool buttons are used for all of functions because it is handy and clear to most users. Initial trainning and orientation time is reduced, allowing users to focus on producing results rather than learning how to use. No programming skills required!

    Every managed macro can be scheduled to play back, you can schedule a macro to run at specific time that is the most convenient for you, the frequency can be minute, daily, weekly, monthly, or at specific time.

    By Recorder Service, every managed macro can be triggered. It means every triggered macro will be launched when some events occur, such as disk free space is low, an removable driver is removed and much more.

    Hot key
    Every managed macro can be assigned to a hot key, when the key sequence is pressed, Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder will launch the macro. Sometimes it is the most convenient way to complete a task.

    In Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder, macros have two kinds, named macros and TemporaryMacro. The named macros enables you to name, describe, and add a password to protect the actions you record. A named macro can be scheduled and triggered. The TemporaryMacro enables you to quickly capture your mouse and keyboard input without having to name a macro, provide a description for it.

    Password protected
    You are able to add a password to a named macro. It should help you to prevent unauthorized access to your macro as the password will be required to open the macro.

    Scope of recording
    In general, recording a macro will capture(record) all mouse actions and keystrokes, but in some case, perhaps you'd like to record either keystrokes or mouse actions, we provide options to do so in Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder.

    Interface colorable
    Different users - different preferences. For this reason, Macro Expert offers a feature that allows you to adjust the hue and saturation of the appearance to accommodate your favor.

    Should I release It For Thhose Who want To make His/her Own Macros`?

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    Just release it next time.
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