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    Borrow Shells

    Guys, Gm is having this new thing called borrowing shells. It can be borrowed at Garena


    Q: What is "Borrow Shells, Pay Later"?
    A: "Borrow Shells, Pay Later" is an initiative to facilitate your online purchase, when you do not have enough Shells in your account.

    Q: How many Shells can I borrow?
    A: If you are eligible to borrow Shells, you will have a credit balance that is the maximum amount of Shells you can borrow at one time. Your credit balance will be 2000 Shells or your total top-up amount in the past 180 days, whichever is smaller, if you do not have any outstanding amount due.

    Q: How long can I borrow the Shells?
    A: You need to pay back the outstanding amount in 7 days.

    Q: What are the consequences if I fail to pay back on time?
    A: Your account will be banned from all games, if you fail to pay back the outstanding amount by the due date.

    Q: Why do I have 0 credit balance?
    A: You will have 0 credit balance if your account satisfies any of the following conditions:

    1. Email is not verified.
    2. Garena plus level is below 3.
    3. Your total top-up amount in the past 180 days is too low.
    4. You have not paid back the outstanding amount by the specified due date.
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