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    Post Newbie's Search-and-Destroy guide

    Fret not! This guide is made just for you. After reading this guide, you will find much more information and tips which will help you make your score there better and stop making SD a "nemesis" mode for new players. **WARNING! THIS GUIDE IS NOT COMPREHENSIVE** (I'm still learning as well XD)

    Right. So there you are.. seeking to experience the mode which tests all the game senses you have. Trying to find out for yourself why most of the pro players spend so much time there instead of TDM. WAIT! Before plunging into the depths of this precarious mode, take time now to read this giant wall of text first. Trust me, it will help

    SD. Search-and-Destroy. As the name suggests, this mode consists of two parts. One, being the "search" and second being the "destroy". What do you do then? You either eliminate all the players in the opposite team, plant a bomb which you must ensure it successfully detonates or defuse the planted bomb to win a round.
    (I don't have to explain to you which team does what right???) Before I explain how to play this mode properly, first let me underline the basic differences between SD and other modes. I will use TDM as a comparison.

    1. TDM: rush-kill-die-respawn-kill. SD: Patience game. Why did I say this mode tests all your game senses? Basically, SD is a mode which needs you to have the following in order to excel properly. 1. Patience. 2. Firepower. 3. Listening skills. 4. Estimation. 5. Marking. 6. Usage of cover. 7. Supporting and covering of teammates. 8. Map sense. 9. Understanding on the limitations of your weapon. 10. Walking. I will explain all these in detail now.

    Okay. SD is a mode which you need patience in order to excel. Often, when you are in the blue team, you will either have to wait for the red team to plant a bomb or you yourself find the red team members and kill them. You need to exercise patience when you are guarding a bomb site from the red team or simply camping at a corner waiting for unsuspecting people to pass by. Look, if you are just restless and just walk about all the time in that area, you are using the area as a rusher. Rushers do not wait. They run about the whole map. Since you had decided to camp, why keep revealing yourself to the enemies by walking about and making a whole lot of noise? The basic definition of a camper is that you hide at an area making yourself unknown to the enemies. Your enemies will be able to see you running about and they wait until they are near to you then kill you. Now the roles are reversed. The hunter becomes the hunted.

    I will not explain on this because this is not a simple teach and you master skill. It requires hours of using your gun, getting the feel of it, understanding the recoil of it and so on. What I can advise you though, are that you must not stand still while shooting. Do what is called as strafing. Basically what it means is that you move left to right and left again when shooting. Present yourself as a moving target for your enemy. Understand why backstabbing works 90% of the time now? That's because the enemy is not technically moving. i.e.: he/she is moving in a straight line thus all your bullets will land on your enemy unless of course, you are a poor aimer. For this I cannot help you. Go back to TDM and practice more. Another thing when shooting is that always focus on your crosshair and the area of the enemy's body around that crosshair because your bullets will land on the spot where you are looking at. Remember, focus.

    Listening skills
    HOHO! This is a REALLY REALLY important skill. In fact, only SD uses this. TFM, sometimes but not always unless you are playing a cw TFM. This. This is one which you MUST master ASAP. I can really make this into a separate thread because there's so much things involved. Now, this is not your typical listening comprehension exercise. This is one skill which allows you to pinpoint a person's location and kill him. What is sound? "It is a longitudinal wave produced when air molecules are disturbed.." okay kidding. Chill. Relax. What do you need to know about the sounds? Weapon switching sounds. Know the sounds your weapons make when you switch from one to the other? You think this is just redundant in blackshot; they are there just for entertainment. WRONG. By carefully listening to the switching of weapons, they reveal where someone is. Especially useful to people who just LOVE to switch from knife to gun everytime.

    Next, footsteps. Different areas of the map give different footsteps sounds. For example, pavements will give a rather scratchy sound, like sandals walking on sand. Wood grounds will give a distinct sound, like people banging on hollow wood. Metal floors give a metallic sound. By differentiating these various sounds, the enemy unwittingly reveals himself. A sound I just wish to hear when I'm hunting for my enemy is the med-kit sound. I call this the "barret" sound. Why? The med-kit produces a loud "POP" sound whenever being taken out. This will echo around the area the user is in thus you know he's there. Firing sounds. This is by far the loudest kind of sound you can hear. Listening to the firing sounds of a single gun allows you to know someone's location. Multiple gunshot sounds lets you know mass firing is going on therefore you can render your assistance there.

    The "tiww.." sound. You hear in movies the "tiww.." sound when bullets fly past you right? The same thing applies here. Once you hear this sound it immediately becomes clear that someone fired in your direction but hit the wall instead. This is how you prevent backstabbing. Bomb planting/defusing sounds. I don't need to elaborate more on this right? Use this as a strategy to know when to come out of your camping spot. Worst-case scenario: you are running to a bombsite and unknown to you, someone is running behind you to kill you! How do you prevent this? By knowing that when two or more people are running together, the footsteps will not be one sound. You will not hear "tap tap tap" but instead "tap thud thud tap tap". You can experiment this when a new round starts and everyone is running together.

    Credit - buttreigns
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