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    [ANNOUNCEMENT] BlackShot

    Blackshot Anti-Hack Measures - updated 28th Nov 2014
    Last week (20th November), we have applied an update on our Game Client and GameGuard that specifically attacks and prevents a type of hack that has been a major issue to us for the past 2-4 weeks. This solution like all the other anti-hack measures is an on-going process yet we are confident that it is doing its job against the latest hack and should help improve the situation.

    As always, we continue to work together with our developers and GameGuard to battle the situation and resolve the issue as urgent as we can.

    We hear a lot of complains and receive a lot of threads on our Forum with regards to the hacking situation. Once again, we are here to commune with everyone and discuss the situation.

    As we've mentioned previously (thread HERE), we continue to say the same message to our users that Hack Tools has always been the HIGHEST priority for us. We always strive to research, find, report and be aware of any hack tool that may work or is working in the game to make sure that certain actions would be applied to the game security program (GameGuard) and to the game client. Our team is constantly working with Vertigo and GameGuard for an immediate solution to resolve all issues as soon as possible. However, do understand that such fix requires intensive research, testing and time for it to be released and patched.

    Please feel free to read more details below. And let's cut the crazy and silly conspiracy here. We do not make money or benefit anything from hacking (we do lose actually), we do not distribute hacks (why do we want to create a problem for ourselves?), we are fully against hackers within our game. Hopefully after reading this thread, you will be better informed of the situation.

    The Situation
    Hackers do exists in our game. They do come in different types, forms, process, etc. They do use different software, methods or procedures. However in-game, you see it as one (1). The main problem however is that no one knows for sure how many hackers there are and how many are using hacks. Not everyone with a positive Kill/Death Ration (K/D) is a hacker (do not always assume). And this is where the main problem lies.

    We would LOVE to completely remove 100% hackers from our game. But since that situation is quite difficult, the best that we can do is to strive towards the goal. To continue to do what we do - to make the game better. But no matter how many hackers we ban or eliminate, we are trapped under the mentality of the community. The perceived notion that somebody that is better than them is using a hack.

    Hack exists in ALL games. Just because you don't see somebody using hack on that game, doesn't mean that the game is hack free.

    We see hackers, we eliminate them. We may not come up with a "end all hack" update, however, this won't stop us from working with our resources to remove as many hacks from coming into the game.

    What We Are Doing
    In here, we would somehow share with you what we do with regards to hack/hackers. Please do understand that we CANNOT divulge all the specific information as it would be like giving an idea or clue to the hack developers/users.

    Working with GameGuard
    Constant work with GameGuard on solutions for hack tools not only to eliminate the hack tool but also on solutions to eliminate hacks permanently and effectively.

    If you have noticed (Notice/Updates Section), we are aggressively updating our GameGuard to almost 4 times a week to make sure that we are always updated.

    Auto Hack Detect System
    This has been shared previously on THIS thread. A system that automatically detect hack users' behaviour and detects if there's any 3rd party program run with Blackshot.

    This system has been applied since April and has tremendously helped us to refrain hackers from accessing the game.

    Abuse Reports
    We get a lot of reports on a daily basis. Don't get us wrong but we do appreciate the time that reporters allot to report violators to us. A big shoutout to you guys! But we need to be understood. To give you an idea, on a normal weekday, we receive an average of 50 threads. Each thread can contain 1 to multiple users.

    Do understand that for a single user, we have to 1.) Read the report. 2.) Check the evidence/watch the video. 3.) Investigate/check game logs. 4.) Ban the user. The whole process itself takes an average or at least of 10 mins. to be processed. This is not even considering reports of duplicate reports, invalid reports and invalid claims. So to say, it takes time to process the Abuse Reports.

    Now having said this, instead of chasing, tracking, investigating, checking the violators account one-by-one. We put in more resources into preventing hacks into the game and making sure that the Auto Hack Detect System traces the hackers. With this said solutions, the same hackers that were reported on Abuse Reports would be traced and banned as well. This was the same case as what we did during the hack abusers during the Bloody613 event.

    Discouraging Users from Assisting Hackers
    Admit it, teaming up with a hacker is good. Free EXP, free BP, easy win, etc... You may not be hacker by not using a hack tool but you are benefiting from teaming up with a hacker.

    It is your responsibility to LEAVE the game if you are teamed up with a hack user. Another solution would be to report the said hacker or to vote kick him out of the room. There's a lot of things that you can do, but staying in the room and teaming up with a hacker isn't one.

    We have been issuing allies of hackers with temporary ban as well once they are caught.

    Advanced Abuse Reporting System (Estimate Release: 2-3 Months)
    We are aware on how troublesome reporting a violator can be. Going to the forums, creating a thread, uploading a video/screenshot, constructing an thread, etc.. And we appreciate your time and effort in doing it for the community.

    Hence, we are developing a Abuse Report Website to make the process easier and faster. A site where you can just fill up a simple form, attach your screenshot/video to submit your report.

    This is currently under development and would be available very soon.

    At this point, we would like to clear up some misconceptions that some people have.

    We sell and develop hacks. Silly, crazy, funny. Why would we do that for? What would we develop something that would ruin our product or our business? Same thing as why would be place worms and ants on our plant that gives us fruits to eat?

    We do not ban hackers. We do. Believe it or not. If we don't, why do you think some of the hackers are "playing innocent" and asking for an appeal on their ban? Why do you think some users were complaining about their 123456789 days of banned?

    There is no limitation to whoever we ban. We've banned anybody from Trainee to CIC, hack user or ally of hack user, GS Spender or not, a single user or 3,500 users. Whether the user is tracked by the anti-hack detection system or manually reported, we'll ban them.

    We are confident in our team to review the evidences and issues appropriate bans. We might not be a professional player but we are experts in our work to spot hackers and have no tolerance for them. We do not ban for fun or because we just want to. We do ban for a reason and it's for the reason that a user is violating the game's abuse policy.

    Blackshot is not perfect. We are not perfect. However, we strive our best to make sure that this game that we love, would continue to progress and excel to be the best Online FPS Game. We work with our developers, GameGuard, our Agents (Operatives), the community to make sure that we are always on top of the situation.

    You may have (or not) have noticed a reduction in hacking, whatever actions we have made, it doesn't stop there. We're going to continue to review reports submitted to us to eliminate all hackers in our game.

    We appreciate your continuous support and good day to each and everyone!

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    Attention Soldiers,

    We hear your complains about the increase in hackers recently. Do check out our response here:

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