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    Blackshot Pro Rifle Pilot Player for Hire

    Blackshot Pro Rifle Pilot Player for Hire
    We make your ID/IGN improve and be known!

    Q: dont have much time to play your id but you want it to rank up fast both rank and mastery?
    A: Blackshot Rifle Pro Pilot Player for hire is what you are looking for!
    Q: what is Blackshot Rifle Pro Pilot Player for Hire?
    A: this is a man player from ph server who can make your char/id rank up fast both mastery,rank and your MVP and BP!
    Q: is it 100% guarranted that it will help my id to improve its mastery and rank?
    A: realtalk.. he is 80%-100% chance to get MVP most of the game. high advantage for those who have GS weapons on your id.
    Q: is it trusted?and you/he will not scam me?
    A: you can try us sir/maam!by the way conditions is easy if you want to make sure your id wont be scam verify email and
    put mobile number on your id.
    Q: so hows it gonna be?you will do it for free?
    A: surely no sir/maam..we dont have our own personal computer to play..we only play at cafe so it will charge real money
    Q: how will I pay?
    A: you can top up garena shells on your ID and that is wat we consider as your payment to us..
    Q: what will you do on the GS i have top uped on my id?that cant be payed on cafe you will be played of?
    A: yes sir/maam it wont..but we can sell/use the Garena Shells you have top up on your id and the money we earn from selling
    the GS in your id is what we will use to play and to do the job what we have to do with your ID
    Q: I dont want my id used cheat/hacks..maybe you will use hacks on my id?
    A: no sir/maam..we wont do it..we assure that your account is safe and will not be abused that may result on reporting.
    Q: How much i will pay/top up?
    A: if you want can just top up minimum of 150GS on ur ID and we will show you what we can do.
    Q: how many hours will my id be played in 150GS?
    A: thats about for 4-5hrs of playing TDM..because TDM is the best way to fast earn BP and EXP and TDM is also fast end game.
    Q: i dont have GS rifles..its still fast to earn BP and EXP using BP RIFLE?
    A: its a big difference on earning a big BP and EXP using BP rifle on GS rifles..why?because BP rifles expires in hours not like GS rifles expires in days.

    Blackshot Pro Rifle Pilot Player for Hire is doing this to help those blackshot players to rank up,improve there id in a clean
    and fair way..
    We are not part of any organization that has a big interest to make this program bigger.
    Improvement of your id's depends only how much you will top up/pay us..cuz the higher you top up the longer we can play your id
    As of this moment..we can avail only 2 clients/costumers that can be part of this program..we have many pro players in our area
    but we cannot assure its job on our program..
    message me to those who want to try or avail our program ht_tps:// (remove underscore)
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    Yeah One Day Lets Make HACK FOREVER !!! MPGH THE BEST !! ~~ > SULFURICACID

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