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    Issue regarding sub forums

    As most of you are aware, our Marketplace category and our Runescape sub-forum are both having problems regarding accessing threads posted inside these sections.

    Please do not make a thread or PM an administrator/moderator for help. Currently we have no method to getting around this, but we will look at the problem and identify a solution soon. (I will hopefully have this resolved by tomorrow)

    Thanks for your time.

    Also, we are looking for a MPGH GunZ Server Host, if you are interested in volunteering in helping MPGH. Of course, you could get good things out of this too.
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    v1.96 - Tutorials, Upgraded Town, Def Revamp
    v1.97 - Cutscenes/Quests, Friend List
    v1.98 - Classes, Necklace/Rings
    v1.99 - Guilds
    v2.00 - Open Beta

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