I must say, I for one am impressed. MPGH has become the #1 place for private WarRock hacks. In a little over a month, we have overtaken all the other sites that provided WarRock hacks, and it shows. We have the most concurrent legit VIPs subscribed, primarily for our WarRock hacks, which seems to get the most attention.

But, MPGH, exists for you, the user, who downloads everyday hacks like the ones we provide and teach n00bs what's up. This post not only celebrates our hacks, but the fact that our current WarRock hack remains PunkBuster proof, and undetected. It also shows our victory over PunkBuster, and how effective our VIP system is.

Take a look at this:
We posted our public WarRock hack, and people reporting bans at around 3 days after it was released.
However, our VIP WarRock hacks have been undetected till this day (for a month), without a hitch. Also when you sign up for VIP, you get a free WarRock premium code!

Not only that, our CounterStrike Source hack has yet to cause a user to get banned by VAC2.

Even to top things off, we released an Adventure Quest hack yesterday, it's not popular yet, but it's the only alternative (to my knowledge) to manually hacking Adventure Quest yourself!

And that's not the best part! We have other hacks in development & coming soon for OTHER games. This includes FEAR, Battlefield 2, Rainbow Six Vegas, and even World of Warcraft!

It's a great time to be a VIP, and we are one of the cheapest quality all-round hack providers on the net!